NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics A/S is one of the leading manufacturers of extremely broadband laser light sources the “Supercontinuum White Light Lasers”, of microstructured “PCF” fibers and of very stable narrow linewidth lasers. We focus on commercial optical solutions that simplify the value chain and bring enhancement for the end-customer. Our vision is to continuously increase the functionality embedded in the fiber and thereby provide robust and simplified system architectures for our customers.

NKT Photonics will lead the way in the development of the photonics industry by setting new standards for fiber-based lasers and light sources. From the design and manufacture of advanced photonic crystal fibers to the volume production of critical light engines, we are committed to serving our customers with fiber-based products at any level of the value chain. With over ten years of know-how, IP and experience, NKT Photonics strives to continually be the market leader in everything we do.

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15 AUGUST 2022