Mid-infrared Detection in Combustion Group

Mid-infrared Detection in Combustion is a Research Group in the Division of Combustion Physics of Lund University, led by Associate Professor Zhongshan Li. Optical techniques so far provide the unique nonintrusive measures in combustion processes. There are many important molecular species, include water, CO2; sulfate compounds SO2, CS2, H2S, OCS; hydrogen halide HCl, HF; small hydrocarbons CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6; toxic species HCN, which possess no convenient electronic dipole-allowed transition in the visible/UV spectral range with high fluorescence yield, but have strong absorptions in the mid-infrared due to ro-vibrational transitions. With the advent of advanced laser source, sensitive detection techniques and spectroscopic methods in the mid-IR, more sensitive and robust remote sensing techniques are to be emerging. The Mid-IR Group in Lund is focusing on the development of linear/non-linear techniques for spatial resolved measurements with high sensitivity and high temporal resolution applicable remotely in harsh environments like a flame or plasmas.

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   Associate Professor Zhongshan Li



22 OCTOBER 2021