Yu-Pei Tseng

Yu-Pei Tseng is from Taiwan. She received her B.Sc. in electronic engineering from National Taipei University of Technology and M.Sc. degree in optoelectronics from National Taiwan University. Her research is focused on investigation of Long-wavelength infrared upconversion spectroscopy and imaging based on nonlinear frequency conversion technique, which is part of the ITN Mid-TECH. The project aims to extend upconversion techniques from middle infrared (MIR) regime to LWIR regime, 5 to 25 µm.  High-sensitive spectroscopy will be carried out in this project and applied to detection of volatile organic components, food inspection, and breath analysis. First of all, the new nonlinear crystal with high transmission at LWIR wavelength, low absorption at the mixing laser wavelength, ability to phase matching and commercialized possibility will be investigated. Secondly, the way to increasing signal-to-noise ratio for low concentration measurement in ppb-level will be dug out. At these long wavelengths investigations will be directed toward LWIR upconversion spectroscopy in which a grating component is included to improve spectral resolution.

Email: yupts@fotonik.dtu.dk

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16 MAY 2022