Ashik Abdul Rahim Sajeela Beevi

Ashik Abdul Rahim Sajeela Beevi, commonly called Ashik A S, is from India. He completed his Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Kerala, Kerala, India in June 2014.  He then pursued his Master in Optoelectronics and Optical communication from the same University and graduated in January 2018. His Master thesis entitled ‘Imaging refractive index distribution of optical crystals and ceramics using shadowgraphy, schlieren and interferometry techniques, and quantifying it using numerical methods implemented in MATLAB’ dealt with the development of a new quantitative method to extract the 2D refractive index distribution of transparent optical materials, which in turn can give information about the optical quality of that material. He has worked with COMSOL Multiphysics software to simulate and analyze the performance of Photonic crystal fibers. He, along with his group in the University of Kerala, has applied for two Patents relating to new methods for the synthesis of stable nanoparticles.

In order to further expand his research areas and interests, Ashik joined DTU for his PhD. He will be working under the guidance of Group Leader Christian Pedersen and Assoc. Professor Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg. At DTU, his main focus will be to develop a good theoretical explanation of Ultrafast upconversion imaging and spectroscopy. He will also try to apply this experiment in diverse fields ranging from pump probe experiments to cancer detection.

Email:                                                Tel: +45 71842255

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16 MAY 2022