Rasmus Lyngbye Pedersen


Rasmus Pedersen is from Denmark and received his Bachelor degree in Physics and Nanotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and his Masters Degree in Photonics from DTU. In 2016, he made his Master thesis entitled “1.9µm Laser System for Mid-IR Upconversion Detection” at the Department of Photonics Engineering at DTU. During his Master studies, he worked with absorption spectroscopy in the mid-IR, laser noise and solid state lasers.

Rasmus joined the Combustion Physics Institute at Lund University as a PhD student, where his main objective is to develop tuneable high-power MOPA systems for the Mid-TECH project. His PhD project aims at developing highly sensitive nonlinear laser spectroscopic techniques in the mid-infrared spectral range (2-12 μm) by probing molecular ro-virational transitions for in situ detection of molecular species of combustion important. An up-conversion IR detection system will be designed and established, aiming at high sensitive detection of coherent single-color signals from DFWM setup. A systematic comparison of the performance of the up-conversion and IR detection system with the commercial InSb IR detectors will be performed. A super sensitive gas sensing system will be built, which will be applicable to the detection of non-visible molecular species in harsh environments, to provide remote, in situ, sensitive and species specific detection with good spatial and temporal resolution. The well-developed, highly sensitive remote gas sensing system will be applied to our on-going biomass projects, to provide in situ gas release analysis in cooperation with colleagues in Lund.

Email: rasmus.lyngbye_pedersen@forbrf.lth.se

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16 MAY 2022