Hanyu Ye

Hanyu Ye is from China. He received his Bachelor degree from China Jiliang University and his Master degree in Optical Engineering from National University of Defense Technology. He was focusing on nonlinear frequency conversion technology during his Master study and had some experience on building continuous-wave and pulsed solid-state lasers and optical parametric sources.


He joined the group of Optical Parametric Oscillators led by ICREA Professor Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh at ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences for Mid-TECH project. His main work at ICFO is to design and develop tunable ultrafast OPOs operating in the mid-infrared region of 34.5μm and 512μm based on high-efficiency nonlinear crystals.

Email: hanyu.ye@icfo.es           Tel: +34 605 710566

Link to Research Group at ICFO

29 MAY 2023