Ján Tomko

Ján Tomko is from Slovakia and received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Physical electronics and Optics and nanostructures from Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). His work consisted of designing and manufacturing optical structures based on thin film for LCD and dielectric diffraction grating for high average power lasers.


His main objective as a PhD student in the Mid-TECH project is to create a high-efficiency external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECQCL) that can be used for different experiments in gas sensing and spectroscopy. The focus of this challenge is in providing reasonably high power with decent tunability in 3-6 µm spectral range and providing a good collimation of the output beam. This can be achieved by improving both the solid state part of the ECQCL as well as the optical part.


Email: tomko@physik.hu-berlin.de            Tel: +49 30 2093 7663


Link to Research Group at Humboldt University


16 MAY 2022