Yohei Matsuoka

Yohei Matsuoka is from Japan. He obtained his BSc in 2011, and MSc in 2013, at Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research theme during the Master course was to investigate molecular dipole orientation at two-dimensional system by using nonlinear optics. After three years of working in the industrial field, he decided to study for a PhD degree. He is interested in optics as well as in solid-state physics, then in laser physics as the intersection of the two fields.

His research theme in the Mid-TECH project is to research and develop broadly tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser for hyperspectral imaging, with the wavelength range from around 5 um to 12 um and, at the same time, to obtain profound knowledge about external cavity quantum cascade laser. Yohei is very excited about this project because it provides the scientific and development opportunity at the same time.

Email: yohei.matsuoka@physik.hu-berlin.de            Tel: +49 30 2094 7663


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16 MAY 2022