Outreach activities

ESRs 10,11 and 12 participated in the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" on Saturday 9 June 2018. This was an open-lab evening where the general public could come and see what the students are doing, directly in the lab. The event included some hands on experiments for the general public to perform. See photos from the day under Events.

and his supervisor, Pr. Bernd Sumpf, were interviewed for a two-page article (pp. 16-17) in the Verbundjournal in December 2017, explaining Mahmoud's research and the purpose of Mid-TECH. See article here

participated in the Falling Walls Lab science competition in Berlin, Adlershof (Oct 2017), with a 3-minutes talk entitled “Breaking the wall of applied infrared spectroscopy”, for which he won the second place.

ESR 5 gave a talk entitled “Diode lasers & systems for spectroscopic applications” at the OpTecBB Summer School 2017 in Berlin, which had the focus on photonic Integration within academia and industry.

ESR 3 has joined "Doctorander i Lärender" - a programme that makes PhD students available for talks at schools and high schools.

ESR 10 has participated in a g4g (greenlight for girls - Sep 2016) event, the focus of which is to encourage women in science through scientific workshops. 



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