Invited and plenary talks

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  5. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Laser light sources spanning the ultraviolet to deep-infrared: Novel materials, devices, and applications,” The 40th Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), Toyama, Japan, 1-4 August 2018.  

  6. P. J. Rodrigo, P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, L. Høgstedt, L. Huot, and C. Pedersen, “Mid-IR hyperspectral imaging of gases using a supercontinuum source and frequency upconversion”, Invited presentation (AW3S.4) at CLEO US, San Jose, California, USA, 13 – 18 May 2018.

  7. P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg,“Mid-IR imaging and spectroscopy with upconversion detection by nonlinear optics”, invited presentation (31aCJ2) at Optics & Photonics Japan 2018, Tokyo, Japan, 30 Oct. – 2 Nov.  2018.

  8. P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, “Infrared spectral imaging for histopathology”, invited presentation at Northern Optics 2018, Lund, Sweden, 12 – 14 September 2018.

  9. P. M. Moselund, P. Bowen, M. Bondu, L. Hooper, A. Devine, “Supercontinuum from Labs to Factories”, CLEO US 2018, Topical review session,  ATu3S.4

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  16. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Optical parametric oscillators,” CLEO/Europe, Munich, Germany, June 2017 (Short Course)

  17. C. Pedersen, “Sensitive mid-IR imaging and spectroscopy using upconversion at room temperature”, EMN Photodetectors Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, 5-9 June 2016. (Invited talk)

  18. N. Stone, “Utilising spectroscopic techniques for probing of disease-specific changes in breast calcification composition”, SPEC, Montreal, Canada, June 2016. (Invited talk)

  19. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Light Sources spanning the ultraviolet to infrared”, Student Conference on Optics and Photonics (SCOP), Optical Society of America, Ahmedabad, India, September 2016. (Plenary talk)

  20. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “A Brief History of Light”, Student Conference on Optics and Photonics (SCOP), Optical Society of America, Ahmedabad, India, September 2016. (Public lecture)

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  23. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Optical parametric oscillators: Concepts, technology, applications”, International School on Parametric Nonlinear Optics (ISPNO), Ecole de Physique, Les Houche, France, April 2015. (Invited lecture course)

  24. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Optical parametric oscillators”, CLEO/Europe-EQEC, Munich, Germany, June 2015. (Invited short course)

  25. M. Ebrahim-Zadeh, “Optical parametric oscillators: Towards longest mid-IR wavelengths and shortest few-cycle pulses”, Nonlinear Optics (NLO), Kauai, Hawaii, USA, July 2015. (Invited talk)

  26. Z.S. Li, “Mid-infrared nonlinear optical diagnostics for combustion applications”, European Conference on Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy, ECONOS 2016, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 24 April 2016. (Invited talk)

  27. W. T. Masselink, et al,“Optimization of high-power quantum cascade lasers and their external cavity configurations for wavelength tuning”, SPIE Security+Defence 2016, Edinburgh, September 2016. (Invited talk)
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